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From tree to bean: the cacao harvest

From tree to bean: the cacao harvest.


The Seed Has Been Planted. Lets put some water on it. Help it grow!

Green Seed Vegan, a Delicious break from the norm is making the move to a building.  As the beautiful site of the green truck stays planted in our hearts, we look forward to the possibilities of creativity from this exciting Houston duo.  Lets throw some water in the soil and get them Kickstarted!  Click the Picture for more info, or copy and paste the link below


When your commuting on your favorite wheels protect yourself from the elements

Here is the latest from Cadence.  They are doing some big things.  I’m really digging the Barrier Rain Jacket featuring reflective details, breathable and water resistant material, and style for 2012 and beyond.   Check out the rest of their collection.

This is the age of Living! Lets begin it with the right Eats!!

Neato Vines will put a highlight on great restaurants with some of the best choices for eating healthy this year.  Believe me,  no matter what your style of eating you will love this food.  “THINK ABOUT IT” — Here are 3 great choices for vegan and vegetarian connoisseurs, or for those that simply want some Good Eats in Houston.  What’s in your city?   Join our Facebook ( and let us know which city has the best eats.  Post pics of your best meals even if you cooked it at the crib!!

In no particular order.  Just make sure you get to each one Fast!!

The Eat Gallery –  4420 Almeda, Houston, TX 77004          713-737-8366

Green Seed Vegan – 2305 Wheeler, Houston, TX 77004     713-487-VEGN

Sunshine’s – 4915 MLK Blvd., Houston, TX 77021                   713-643-2884