Global Awareness!

by Neato VInes

There is much talk about a global society.  In various realms of our lives we are failing to become global; in education, culture, language, even business.  Some ask the question “Is becoming global a good thing?”.  The answer to that question depends on your take on the concept of a global society.  In today’s world the Elite have tried to become “one” in their actions which are based off of money making intentions.  When the word “global” is spoken a person can think of  “one” or they can think of boundless quantities.  Thinking of the later is better.  It is best to think of a global society as members of the world having global awareness.   Occupants of every country must have an awareness, an understanding, and a sensitivity to the various cultures, customs, and practices of their world neighbors.

One way in which we have become globally aware is in the urban lifestyle.  This ranges from urban sports, fashion, art, and music.  We have discovered a language that encompasses everyone, but does not strip you from your home culture.  The phenomena of sound, and site have made the world a small place but by giving us more vast perspectives.  One specific vine that links us together is street art.  Check out these pieces from around the world.

Pictures courtesy of  Shouts out to StreetArtNews a great site.  Check them out.


Ella & Pitr France

Triangulo Dorado Buenos Aires Argentina

David Shillinglaw Gambia

Phlegm UK

RETNA Los Angeles

Fixe & VRS Crew Guadalajara Mexico