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Month: November, 2011

CriTical MaSs HousTon NoVember 2011


Also gotta give a Shout out to the Green Seed Vegan truck!  Next level food!

Austin represented in Houston CM – Check out my mans in front of the TourDeHood Compound



Its that time again!! HouSton CriTical MaSs!

Click on the guy in the black shirt riding with no hands for more information!!


Texas Dancers

Out of all the states that one might look to for the arts, Texas might not always end up on top of that list.  In actuality, Texas is producing some of the most creative artist, and entertainers.  Check out some of Houston’s freshest dancers.


Check out Hernan Montenegro in Bridging the Gap Vol.1 by Joseph Lobato

They are Killing it “Old SchooL”

Pay respect to the past for what we have now, and only put out greatness to set ground for the future…

Neato Vines in Austin, TX…..Su othro Mundo!!

Austin Lifestyle is all the way Neato!  Check out some of what we saw….

Not going to give you guys too much yet!!  Stay tuned for more from Austin….

SOLE PURPOSE Now open in Houston!!

Stop by and see the new H-Town hot spot SOLE PURPOSE!  412 Westheimer, Houston, TX.  See how Sean reinvented this house into dope street boutique! I personally was appreciating the Acapulco Gold Line!  Go get fitted up in time for the winter.