Constant Progression Towards Intelligence…Just think, what if you can just..

by Neato VInes

Find your business, and be about it.  Be completely about it! Each of us has our own life individually to manage.  Life is our business.  True intelligence is not reflective of knowledge base.  Knowledge through self-education is a tool that aids us in existing intelligently.  Just a tool to help us stay out of our own way, as defined by one of my great compañeros.  Analyze that statement.  Meditate on it.  We are in a times of BLAME and RELIANCE.  True intellectuals first recognize that they are the decision maker in ever situation that comes to exists.  No matter what outside source is at hand, you are the final decision maker. As advanced beings, we need tools to help us to this point of intelligence.   Knowledge through self-education is one of those tools.  Research and reading various concepts and ideas is one element of self-education.  But remember that it is only a tool.  Research every word and concept you come across.  Do not take another’s word as your word.  How intelligent would that be?  “Think About it”…

Here’s a good tool to start out or continue on your progress with.  Written by Malcolm Gladwell, “The Tipping Point” is a great read.  Malcolm Gladwell’s style of writing keeps you interested, and pushes you to research more and analyze the ideas of growing in our business of life.

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