Footgear or wear

by Neato VInes

The type of shoe you wear or the type of foot-gear you decide to use while you ride can make all the difference. I personally like to ride at night through the city. Night riding can be very fun but also extremely dangerous. Well what kind of gear is out there to helps us out. Well ask no more because for city riders (myself included) soccer style shoes are the preference over most anything else for their pedaling. The leather uppers tend to wear well, the shoes are usually free of extra bulk and fit well in toe-clips, and the flexible soles work well with platform pedals. For this year the Onitsuka Tiger Mexico 66 is available in a model with a cycling specific nod, namely a longer wearing harder rubber sole to prevent pedals from chewing it up and reflective piping on the back of the shoe and in the laces. So go ahead check them out and come back and leave us your comments.