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Month: October, 2011

Cycling making an Impact around the Globe

Ladies and Gentleman,

The latest article comes from this site called Peace Pedalers : Africa which is an initiative to make changes by bringing awareness of the beautiful continent called Africa.  In the words of  the creator of this movement;  “Help us release a fun, exciting, colorful, insightful, educational and progressive series that will forever change the way to world thinks when they hear the word AFRICA.”


Think About It!


Go to HOUSTON FIXED GEAR and get your bikes ready for HOUSTON CRITICAL MASS!!!!!!

Check out Critical Mass Houston!!  Bikes everywhere!!!  Every Last Friday of the month!  Get your bike and Join in!

First Peek at the Neato Vines Fixie….loL..don’t want to give you too much though

Stay tuned!

The WAR between Corporate Advertising and Street Art!


Video is self explanatory we hope you enjoy it.


ThINK abOUT it!

Street Art In Buenos Aires, Argentina

So I have a few friends that decide to go to South America and pursue their educational goals which are always important. One of the things that they all mentioned is the amazing street art that you can find down there. Well I found a video that portraits those images. I hope you enjoy it.


ThINk AbOUt It!

Definately Neato Vines certified!…Black Keys

Man heard this and said. “STRAIGHT ROCKIN!!!”  Recording in Muscle Shoals Alabama too!! What up Alabama!  New Album “El Camino” coming December 6th.  Get your pre order.  I’m personally getting a Tee who’s with me on that?  Think About It!

Constant Progression Towards Intelligence…Just think, what if you can just..

Find your business, and be about it.  Be completely about it! Each of us has our own life individually to manage.  Life is our business.  True intelligence is not reflective of knowledge base.  Knowledge through self-education is a tool that aids us in existing intelligently.  Just a tool to help us stay out of our own way, as defined by one of my great compañeros.  Analyze that statement.  Meditate on it.  We are in a times of BLAME and RELIANCE.  True intellectuals first recognize that they are the decision maker in ever situation that comes to exists.  No matter what outside source is at hand, you are the final decision maker. As advanced beings, we need tools to help us to this point of intelligence.   Knowledge through self-education is one of those tools.  Research and reading various concepts and ideas is one element of self-education.  But remember that it is only a tool.  Research every word and concept you come across.  Do not take another’s word as your word.  How intelligent would that be?  “Think About it”…

Here’s a good tool to start out or continue on your progress with.  Written by Malcolm Gladwell, “The Tipping Point” is a great read.  Malcolm Gladwell’s style of writing keeps you interested, and pushes you to research more and analyze the ideas of growing in our business of life.

Audi 5000

New Renaissance

2-cent listen Fest Presents: New Music.
This past Friday while we were out and about something was missing. It was new music something different so I’m glad i found some so for our next weekend ride we will be listening to some smooth blistering sounds.
Hit us up and let us know what you listening to and what you would like to see be featured on the site. PEACE. THINK ABOUT IT!

Footgear or wear

The type of shoe you wear or the type of foot-gear you decide to use while you ride can make all the difference. I personally like to ride at night through the city. Night riding can be very fun but also extremely dangerous. Well what kind of gear is out there to helps us out. Well ask no more because for city riders (myself included) soccer style shoes are the preference over most anything else for their pedaling. The leather uppers tend to wear well, the shoes are usually free of extra bulk and fit well in toe-clips, and the flexible soles work well with platform pedals. For this year the Onitsuka Tiger Mexico 66 is available in a model with a cycling specific nod, namely a longer wearing harder rubber sole to prevent pedals from chewing it up and reflective piping on the back of the shoe and in the laces. So go ahead check them out and come back and leave us your comments.

Cycling for a change

What’s going on out there world I ran into this quick video documentary about fixed gear bikes aka fixies and wanted to share it with you. Check it out.